Validate an external URL in the SEO tool

Last updated: November 16, 2020

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

When attaching an external page to a topic or subtopic, the SEO tool will automatically validate the URL to keep track of internal and inbound links. This process should take around 20 seconds. If your external URL doesn't validate within that time, you may need to take additional action based on the validation status message.

Possible error responses when validating an external URL in the SEO tool:
  • Unverified: this is a temporary state that indicates there's a temporary issue crawling your external page. Check back again in five minutes to see if this error has been resolved.
  • Response Contained Unsuccessful Status: this error means your external URL returned an error response (typically a 404 error). To resolve the issue, check the DNS provider and content management system (CMS) where your external page is hosted.
  • Validation error: this error indicates the tool is unable to crawl your external URL. Removing and re-adding this external page URL to your topic usually resolves this error. If you've already tried this but still see the error, reach out to HubSpot Support.
  • SSL error: this error indicates there's a problem with the SSL certificate for your website. To resolve the issue, check with your SSL certificate provider.
  • Blocked by 403: this error appears when the SEO tool's web crawler is restricted from crawling your site due to an added layer of security or authentication.
  • Non Canonical URL: if you've specified a canonical URL for your page or blog post, the SEO tool will prompt you to use the canonical URL instead. To resolve this error, click Replace with canonical URL.
If your external URL doesn't return a validation status after five minutes, reach out to HubSpot Support.