Connect a Facebook Messenger account to the conversations inbox

Last updated: October 28, 2019

In Beta

To respond to incoming messages sent from your Facebook Business Page, connect a Facebook Messenger account as a channel in your conversations inbox.

Please note: you must be an Admin in HubSpot and an admin for your Facebook Business Page to connect a Facebook Messenger account to HubSpot. Users with Social publishing access must also have the necessary admin permissions in order to connect a Facebook Messenger account.

Connect a Facebook Messenger account

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Inbox.
  • In the bottom left, click Inbox Settings, then select Messenger.
  • In the upper right, click Connect Facebook Page.
  • Click Continue with Facebook.
  • In the pop-up window, log in to your Facebook account.

Please note: pop-ups must be enabled in your browser in order to log in to your Facebook account from the pop-up window.

  • Click Connect next to the Facebook Page you want to connect.

Please note: you cannot connect a Facebook Messenger account to more than one HubSpot account.

  • In the Greeting text box, enter a message to display the first time a visitor starts a conversation with you. facebook-messenger-greeting
  • Click Next.
  • To send a reply to visitors immediately after they send their first message, enter a response in the Send instant reply text box.
  • To set who incoming messages are routed to, click the Automatically assign incoming conversations to dropdown menu and select a routing option. Learn more about setting up routing rules.facebook-messenger-instant-reply
  • Click Next.
  • Preview how your greeting and instant reply will appear using the Greeting and Instant reply buttons above the preview image.
  • In the bottom right, click Done.

You'll be redirected to your inbox settings, where you'll see your Facebook Business Page listed with the status switch toggled on.

On your Facebook Business Page, when a visitor clicks the Send Message button, the Messenger window will open in the bottom right. The visitor can compose and send a message that will then appear in the conversations inbox. Learn how to respond to incoming messages in your conversations inbox. send-message-button-on-facebook-page

Please note: Facebook Messenger’s Platform Policy Overview specifies that when a visitor sends a message from a Facebook Business Page, you have 24 hours to respond to the visitor. If the visitor does not send another message within that 24 hour window, the business can only send one additional message until the visitor responds again.

Edit your Facebook Messenger channel

After connecting your Facebook Messenger account to the inbox, you can edit the greeting, instant reply, and routing rules in your inbox settings. If you've enabled General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in your account, you can enable GDPR for a connected Messenger account to collect a visitor's consent to process their data.

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Conversations > Inboxes.
  • Click Edit next to the inbox where your Facebook Messenger account is connected.
  • In the left sidebar menu, select Messenger.
  • To connect another Facebook Business Page, click Connect Facebook Page.

Please note: because Facebook Messenger's Profile API does not allow HubSpot to collect a visitor's email address, duplicate records might be created in your account if you have multiple Facebook Business Pages connected. If a visitor starts a conversation on both pages, a new contact record will be added to your account for each unique thread.

  • To prevent messages sent from a specific page from appearing in your inbox, click to toggle the page's Status switch off.
  • To edit the connected page's settings, click the page name.
  • On the settings page, you can edit the greeting message, instant reply message, or routing rules, then click Save.
  • In your settings, you can also enable GDPR for this message:
    • Click to toggle the Apply GDPR to Messenger switch on.
    • Click the dropdown menu and select one of the following:
      • Explicit consent: visitors need to click I agree before they can send a message.
      • Implicit consent: visitors' consent is implied when they start a conversation with you. The consent to process data text will still display, but they do not need to click I agree to start the conversation.
    • In the Consent to process data text box, enter text to explain why you need to store and process the visitor's personal information.
    • Click Save.

Please note: while these features live in HubSpot, your legal team is the best resource to give you compliance advice for your specific situation.

Set HubSpot Conversations as the primary receiver for Facebook Messenger

When two different chatbot apps are integrated with a Facebook page, Facebook Messenger's handover protocol lets a user select a primary app that can take control of and respond to the message. If another app is selected as the primary receiver in your Messenger Platform settings, incoming messages may not appear in your conversations inbox.

If you connected a Facebook Messenger account but incoming messages aren't appearing in the inbox, check to make sure HubSpot is selected as the primary receiver in your connected page's settings:

  • Log in to your Facebook Business Page.
  • In the upper right, click Settings.
  • In the left sidebar menu, select Messenger Platform.
  • In the Connected Apps section, click Configure. facebook-messenger-configure-app-settings
  • Click the dropdown menu next to the Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol setting and select HubSpot Conversations as the primary receiver.primary-receiver-for-handover-protocol

With HubSpot Conversations selected as the primary receiver, incoming messages should now appear in your conversations inbox.