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Edit products and terms in the deal line item editor (BETA)

Last updated: July 23, 2020

In Beta

Applies to:

Sales Hub  Professional, Enterprise

You can edit the products associated to your deals in the deal line item editor. Customize the price and term information for the line items. Users with Account access permissions can also set a default deal amount to represent the deal value when users add products to deals. 

To set the default deal amount: 
  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Sales Deals
  • To select the deal amount to display on the deal record when users add products to their deals, click the Set the default deal amount that should represent a deal dropdown menu and select the deal amount. You can choose from the following calculations: 
    • Total contract value (TCV): the total value of the deal, including any recurring revenue and one-time charges.
    • Annual contract value (ACV): the value of the deal over a 12-month period. 
    • Annual recurring revenue (ARR): the total amount of revenue earned annually for this deal. 
    • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR): the total amount of income earned each month for this deal.
    • Custom: use a custom calculation to represent the deal amount. 


Next, you can edit the line items on your deal record: 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Deals.
  • Click the name of a deal.
  • In the right panel, on the Products card, click Edit products.
  • At the top of the line item editor, view different deal calculations for the deal amount. The Margin and Deal amount will display based on the default deal amount selected in your account settings.


  • To edit the columns that display in the line item editor, in the upper right, click Edit columns.
  • In the dialog box, search or browse through properties on the left. You can display product, price, and term information in the line item editor.
    • Select the checkbox next to a property to add it to your selected columns.
    • To remove columns, click the X to the right of the property in the Selected columns section.
    • To reorder columns, drag and drop properties in the Selected columns section.
    • Click Save.


  • In the line item editor, you can edit the values for the following price and term properties:
    • Start date: click the dropdown menu and select to start the term at the time of payment or on a custom date.
    • Term (Months): enter a term length in months.
    • Billing frequency: choose how often you bill for your product.
    • Quantity: enter a value for the number products included.
    • Unit price: enter the cost per item.
    • Unit cost: enter the total cost associated with producing the product or service. 
    • Unit discount: enter a discount value. If you enter a discount percentage, this value will populate automatically.
    • Discount %: enter a discount percentage. If you enter a unit discount, this value will populate automatically.
    • Tax: enter a value for the tax. 
    • Net price: the total price of the item. If you apply a discount, the net price will update automatically to reflect the discounted value.  


  • You can add existing products to the deal, or create new products from the line item editor:
    • To add existing products from the product library, click Add from library in the upper right.
    • To create a new product specific to this deal, click Add product in the upper right. Products created from the line item editor will not be added to your product library.
  • When you're done making changes to your line items, review your totals and fees at the bottom, then click Save.

The deal amount on the deal record will update to reflect the changes made to the price and term in the line item editor. The amount will appear in the default deal amount selected in your settings.