Track inactive deals and tickets (BETA)

Last updated: January 12, 2021

In Beta

Applies to:

All products and plans

You can track which deals and tickets need your team's attention by specifying how long records can go without activity before becoming inactive. Inactive cards will be grayed out on your deals and tickets boards. 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to your tickets or deals.
  • On your deals or tickets home, click the grid board icon in the upper left to switch to a board view. 
  • In the top right, click the Board actions dropdown menu then select Edit cards
  • In the right panel, enter the number of days/weeks that must pass without any activity before a record appears inactive. Records will appear inactive after this amount of time without a logged note, call, email, chat or task.


  • Click Save.

Deals or tickets that do not have any recent activity will appear grayed out on your board with a label indicating for how many days the record has been inactive.