¿Por qué mi contacto fue asociado automáticamente a una Empresa en el CRM de HubSpot?

Última actualización: June 10, 2016

HubSpot CRM aims to make your life easier by automatically associating contacts to companies in your CRM and creating companies for you if one does not yet exist. 


You can find this setting "Automatically associate new contacts with their company"  under Settings > Companies. 


How it works


This setting looks at the email address domain of the contact and matches this to the "Company Domain Name" property on the company record. 

When you add a new contact, two things can happen:

1. If a new Contact is added to the CRM and a Company already exists at the domain name used in the email address, they will be automatically added to that Company.

2. If a Company does not already exist for that domain, and "Automatically associate new contacts with their company" is turned on, a new Contact will also create a new Company. 


Example: if you add a contact with the email address, we will take the domain part of the email address "" and look for a company record with the Company Domain Name value "". If one exists, the contact will be associated with that company. If one does not exist, a new company will be created. 


Nota: This setting ignores contacts with freemail email addresses (, etc). In these cases, HubSpot will also look at the Contact property "Website URL" to see if we can match that property value to the Company Domain Name on the company record.


Para evitar que los Contactos sean asociados automáticamente a una Empresa: 

  1. Navega hasta Configuración. En la barra lateral izquierda, seleccione "Propiedades de Empresas". 
  2. Cambia el botón para "Asociar automáticamente contactos nuevos a su Empresa" a apagado.

Settings automatically create and associate companies

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