How to analyze your Events Report

Last updated: January 23, 2018

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The Events report gives you insight into the anonymous visitors and the contacts that trigger your events. The events report is useful for analyzing metrics surrounding event completion.

Analyzing your Report

For every event that you create, an Event Report will get created in Reports Home. This event report links to the same report that you will find under Reports > Events. Use this report to check out the number of event completions over time.

Traffic Trends

Event Completions - the total number of times the event has been completed by anonymous visitors or contacts. Keep in mind that a visitor can complete the same event multiple times.

Contacts Created - the number of visitors who have completed the event and then later converted to into a contact in the same visit.

Customers Created - the number of existing contacts in your database who have completed the event and converted in to a contact in the same visit that are now closed as customers.

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Please note: the Events tool uses HubSpot's analytics pipeline to process its data, which can take 20-30 minutes to display new data. Event completions may not show up immediately as a result of this delay.

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