How to create a submitted form event

Last updated: June 13, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Enterprise

You can also use the Events tool to create an events report based on a HubSpot form submission, by creating a submitted form event.

Follow the steps below to create submitted form events.

Navigate to Events

From your HubSpot Dashboard, navigate to Reports > Events.

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Create a new Event

On the right, select the blue Create new event button.

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Create your new event

After creating and naming your new event, by clicking the name or pencil icon, you can choose the type of event you want to make under the Track type of event dropdown.

Select Submitted Form.

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Select your form

Choose from any of your HubSpot forms. If you are using the Forms API, select the corresponding HubSpot form you are posting to. To track non-HubSpot forms that do not use the Forms API, you will need to use custom events.

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Specify a page (optional)

If you have the form placed on multiple pages and only want to track one instance of it, place the URL here.

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Create event

When you've settled on all the criteria for your event, click the blue button at the bottom to Create event.

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