How to create visited URL events

Last updated: June 13, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Enterprise

To track and report on visits to a particular page, use visited URL events.

Follow the steps below to create a visited URL event.

Please note: Events are only available in the Enterprise edition of HubSpot. Both Professional and Enterprise  accounts have the ability to create lists based on visited URL, but only Enterprise can create a visited URL event report.

Navigate to Events

From your HubSpot Dashboard, navigate to Reports > Events.

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Create a new Event

On the right, select the blue Create new event button.

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Create your new Event

After naming your event, by clicking the name or pencil icon, you can choose the type of event you want to make under the Track type of event dropdown.

Select Visited URL.

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Enter the URL

Enter the exact URL that you want to track.

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Tag your event

Tag your events with custom topics to easily find and keep track of them.

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You can also use wildcard URLs here to track visits to a set of pages at the same basic URL.

Wildcard Character URLs

You are able to use wildcard characters in the page URL when creating a Visited URL Event. Keep in mind that your HubSpot Tracking Code needs to be present on any page you are tracking an event on.

Some examples include:

  • http://www.*.com/blog

Wildcard Characters are represented by the asterisk (*). What this wildcard character indicates is that any text which follows this character can be tracked, but does not need to be explicitly defined.

Create event

When you've settled on all the criteria for your event, click the blue button at the bottom to Create event.

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