How to review your HubSpot template setup

Last updated: December 26, 2017

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Learn how to preview and finalize the custom templates that are created for you during a HubSpot template setup.

Navigate to Design Manager

In your HubSpot Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account, navigate to Content > Design Manager.

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Find the custom templates that have been created for you

To see the website page, landing page, blog, and system templates that have been created for your account as part of the template setup, click on the Templates folder at the top of the left sidebar menu. Then click the Custom folder. In each different content-type folder, find the folder with the naming convention CompanyName-Date and review the templates in that folder.

The following are the folders and their paths that were created for you in the template setup:

  • Templates > Custom > Page > CompanyName-Date Theme: these are templates to be used for your standard website pages and landing pages.
  • Templates > Custom > Blog > CompanyName-Date Blog: this folder contains the blog template used for both your blog listing page and blog post pages.
  • Templates > Custom > System > CompanyName-Date: these are your error, password, and subscription page templates.

Preview your templates

After clicking on a template from the template folder, click Preview to see a preview of your new template.

If for some reason you don’t see your style already applied to the template you’re viewing, confirm that the correct stylesheet is attached.

To see the style(s) applied to the template, click Edit > Edit Head.

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In the Attached Stylesheets section in the dialog box, ensure that the stylesheet with the naming convention CompanyName-Date-style.css is attached. If it is not, click Add another stylesheet and select the stylesheet with that naming convention.

The Primary CSS and Domain Stylesheets should also be set to Disabled. Learn more about using those files here.

Submit any change requests

After reviewing your new templates, you can submit change requests to the Technical Services team from within your account by navigating to Account menu Account & Billing. Click Migrations in the left sidebar menu, then click Report migration issue

Enter the details of your request, then click Submit for reviewA member of the team will look into your request and reply within 48 hours.

How to create a page using one of your new templates

To create a page using one of these new templates, follow the steps in the following two articles, and select one of these templates during the template selection process:

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