How to follow up after a webinar

Last updated: May 4, 2018

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Following up with attendees after a webinar is important to ensure you get the most out of your webinars. Prompt follow-up allows you to motivate people to take a next step while the webinar is still fresh on their mind.

Send an email recording and slides

Once you are done with your webinar, you can decide if it's appropriate to send out an email recording and your slides to the webinar attendees. If so, send the email out within 24 hours. It is a good idea for people to have a recorded version of the webinar to use if they missed information or want to hear something again. You can even decide if you want to send out a recording to registrants of the webinar who did not end up attending.

Pass leads to your sales team

Pass leads to your sales team and have them follow up on those with the highest lead score. Follow these instructions to set up lead scoring if you haven't already done so.

Pass webinar activity to Salesforce

If your HubSpot account is integrated with Salesforce (Marketing Professional or Enterprise), webinar activity will automatically pass to Salesforce in the HubSpot Visualforce page.

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If you want to send more granular or specialized messaging to your sales reps, you can easily pass data to Salesforce in the form of tasks in a workflow.

For example, if you wanted to alert a sales rep every time one of their leads attends a webinar, you can do this by taking the workflow you already created to send an email to attendees and change their lifecycle stage to a Marketing Qualified Lead, and add an additional step to send a task to Salesforce.

The task will be sent to Salesforce about 15 minutes after the contact is enrolled in the list, and can be found on the Salesforce lead/contact record in the Activity History section.

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Please note: if you're using the Salesforce integration, it's important to change the field mapping between the email field in HubSpot and Salesforce to Use most recent value. This is relevant because data is pulled from GoToWebinar into HubSpot based on email address, so if the email address in HubSpot has changed between the time a contact registers and when they attend the webinar, HubSpot will not be able to match the attendance data with the new email address.

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