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Last updated: February 2, 2018

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A thank you page is a page that your leads are taken to after they hit the submit button on your landing page. This is typically where you'd provide a download link to the offer they filled out the form to receive. Since a thank you page is separate from your landing page (which doesn't have a navigation menu on it), you can do one very important thing here: Give your leads their navigation menu back.


Here's how to create a new thank you page in HubSpot:

1. Navigate to website pages or landing pages

Thank you pages can be created with the site pages or landing pages tool. In your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Content > Website Pages or Content > Landing Pages.


2. Create a new page

Click on the Create website/landing page button.

3. Select a thank you page template

You can search through the existing templates in your account, purchase a premium template through the HubSpot marketplace, or create a new template layout by converting a mockup into a template layout.

Remember that if you had your website migrated, you will have templates in your account that are already customized to your brand. You can find these quickly by searching for templates that have your company name and Migrated Template in their name.

4. Give your thank you page a name

Type in a name for the thank you page you are creating. You want it to be descriptive enough so other users in your HubSpot account can find it easily and recognize what its purpose is. In this example, we previously created a landing page called LP 54 Pearls of Marketing Wisdom to link to this page, and we want this page's name to reference its associated landing page. We'll name this page TYP 54 Pearls of Marketing Wisdom | Demo. We include Demo in the name because we'll include a secondary demo offer on the page.

Click on the Create button to continue building your thank you page.

5. Add content to your thank you page

Add your content to the landing page layout using the content editor. To learn more about the content editor, click here

Thank you page best practices

Thank you pages should accomplish a few things:

  • Provide your new leads with their promised offer.
  • Return your website navigation.
  • Keep new leads engaged with your company through the use of CTAs.

Begin your thank you page with a message of thanks, followed by the offer itself. If it's a downloadable offer, make it very clear where the user should click to download the offer.

Then you can include CTAs that might keep your converted leads on your site. You can try to direct them to the next offer in the buying cycle, to your blog, to informational pages, or even to your social media profiles. And since you'll also be giving them the site navigation back, they'll be free to explore the rest of your site.

You should not optimize your thank you page for SEO purposes because you want visitors to have to complete a form in order to access them.

For more tips on optimizing the content on your thank you pages, attend the HubSpot Academy workshops and check out the thank you page posts on the HubSpot blog.

6. Publish your thank you page

Once you've finished entering the content for your site page, the last step is to publish it. You have the option to publish the page immediately or publish it at a scheduled date and time. To finish publishing your page, click the Publish button at the top right of the editor.

7. Edit your Landing Page draft to include a link to your new thank you page

Now that your thank you page is published, you can link to it from your landing page. Back in your landing page's form section, choose Redirect to another page, then select your thank you page title from the drop-down menu.

Now when you publish the landing page, visitors who convert on that form will be redirected to your associated thank you page.

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