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Landing Pages Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: June 14, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise
The Landing Page User Guide is a great starting point for learning about HubSpot's Landing Page tools. Below are some other frequently asked questions related to Landing Pages.

How to create a Landing Page

To get the process of creating a new landing page started to have a place for your conversion forms to live you will find the Landing Pages tool under the Content tab in the navigation. Once in the Landing Pages tool you will see a button in the top right to create a new Landing Page. After choosing your template and naming the new page your are off to the races in your creation process!

Can I roll back the changes I made to my Landing Page?

Liked the way your page looked the first time you made it? Feel free rolling the historical content of your landing page back to its original form using the revisions feature. On any landing page go to the 'Save' button and click the arrow to View Revision for your page. You can preview and restore previous revisions of your page. For more direction on restoring previous versions of your pages, check out this article.

How do I float images for a text wrap effect in COS Landing Pages?

To float an image within a content module in HubSpot’s COS platform you will need to first insert the image you want to be positioned on the page. Once you have uploaded and inserted the image, click on the image in the content editor to bring out the formatting options which will allow you to position the image to the right or the left. This will result in any text in the same module wrapping around the image. For more step-by-step instructions, take a look at this article.

Is it possible to add personalization tokens to a landing page

The same way you have the ability to add personilaztions to your emails sent out of HubSpot, you can customize your Landing Pages to become more personal to the person viewing your page. In any rich text editor simply use the same personalization token icon in the content editor tool bar or use the insert tab to find the personalization option. 

This article has images showing you where you can find the personalization options for your landing page

How do I link to a PDF after a visitor submits a Form on my Landing Page?

When someone fills out a form on your new Landing Page you have the option to send them to a Thank You page or display an inline thank you message in place of the form. If you are promising them a piece of content when they fill out the form, you can attach a PDF to a link in your forms' inline thank you message. Navigate to your forms inline thank you message to highlight a piece of text that will serve as the link to your PDF, then use the insert option to attach your document. 

Find step-by-step instructions in the full article here.

How do I put a vimeo video on my landing page?

Using the 'Share' icon on your video, HubSpot's COS platform currently allows users two ways to share embed-style content: HTML modules or using the Embed tool in the WYSIWYG editor. When using HTML modules on your page, simply paste the embed code into the module on the landing page you want it to appear. For pages using rich text modules, use the source code icon to access the HTML of the module to embed vimeo's sharing code. 

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