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HubSpot mobile app | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: November 19, 2019

Find answers and general information quickly about the HubSpot mobile app.


Why are records or tools not appearing in the HubSpot mobile app?

The records or tools visible to a HubSpot user in the HubSpot mobile app depend on the user's permissionsRecords/tools affected by user permissions in the mobile app are: 

  • Contacts: if a user's permissions for viewing contacts are Team only or Owned only, and neither the user and/or their team(s) own any contacts, companies, or deals, none of those records will appear in the mobile app.
  • Marketing (iOS only): if a user doesn't have marketing access permissions, Marketing will not appear in the bottom navigation menu in the mobile app.

If you aren't seeing all the records or tools you expect in the mobile app, ask an account admin to change your user permissions.


Why are some sales activities missing from the activity feed on the HubSpot mobile app?

The activity feed widget in the HubSpot mobile app only displays CRM email activities, such as email sends and opens. Other sales activities, such as lead revisits and document views, will not appear in the activity feed in the app but will appear in the activity feed on desktop.


How do I troubleshoot the HubSpot mobile app?

If you face issues while using the HubSpot mobile app, there are several steps you can take to resolve them:

  • Log out and log in
    • Open the HubSpot app on your device.
    • In the bottom right, tap Settings.
    • Tap Logout. In the dialog box, tap OK.
    • Enter your login credentials, then tap Log in.
  • Download the latest version of the app
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Restart/turn your device off and on

If you continue facing issues with the HubSpot mobile app after taking these steps, you can get help via the Help widget in your account.


How do I use templates in the HubSpot mobile app? (iOS only)

To use templates in the HubSpot mobile app on iOS, ensure your inbox is connected to HubSpot. If your inbox is connected to HubSpot, templates will be visible when you send an email from a contact record or create an email from the activity feed widget.


How does caller ID in the HubSpot mobile app work? (Android only)

The caller ID feature in the HubSpot mobile app on Android looks at the Phone number and Mobile phone number properties for your contacts to determine who is calling.

Please note: due to changes in Google’s permission policies, caller ID is no longer available for Android 9 (Pie) users.

For the HubSpot mobile app to determine which contact is calling you:

  • HubSpot Caller ID has to be enabled in Settings.
  • Either the Phone number or Mobile phone number contact property needs to have a value. The number value must not include any spaces or parentheses, and must include the + country code as well as the area code, if applicable (e.g., +353871234567).

Depending on the information provided to the device from your cell phone carrier, HubSpot's caller ID will display the following details when you receive an incoming call:

  • The contact's full name and job title.
  • The last 3 activities recorded on the timeline.
  • The option to create a new task, add a note, or send an email.