What do the Partner Registration Information properties mean?

Last updated: June 6, 2016

Available For:

Product: Partner Account
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

HubSpot has created a set of default Partner properties for you to keep track of the important information about your Leads. This article gives a breakdown of the different properties and provides definitions and examples of data that you may see in your HubSpot portal.

Expiration Date

Label: Expiration Date

Name: partner_registration_expiry_Date

Description: The date your claim on this Contact expires.

Example: Feb 5 2016

Registration Action

Label: Registration Action

Name: partner_registration_action

Description: The action you’d like to perform on this Contact. Will be performed on the next sync with Salesforce.

Example: Request Registration

Registration Message

Label: Registration Message

Name: partner_registration_message

Description: Provides insight into why a Contact was not registered during the sync to Salesforce.

Example: Contact Unavailable: This Contact was unavailable on YYYY-MM-DD: HubSpot is actively pursuing this domain.

Registration Status

Label: Registration Status

Name: partner_registration_status

Description: The status of this Contact as of the last sync with Salesforce.

Example: Registered

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