HubSpot Solutions Directory review guidelines

Last updated: October 22, 2020

Applies to:

All products and plans

Reviews on the HubSpot Solutions Directory should be from a service provider's client. A client is defined as someone who has paid for a service from the business. If you're ever questioning whether a company is a client or not, it's probably not a client. You can only receive one review per paid service.

To get a full understanding of our policy towards reviews, please check out our Review Guidelines and Review Terms of Use.

Please note: a user must be logged in to their HubSpot account to submit a review.

Groups that cannot submit reviews

The following groups are not considered clients and should not leave reviews on the directory. Reviews from these groups will be deleted:

Reviews from a service provider's own employees

HubSpot does not allow employees to leave reviews for their own company. This applies to freelancers or any other type of contracted worker that is affiliated with the company. 

Reviews from event attendees

If a partner leads a HubSpot User Group (HUG) or another type of event, those attendees should not leave reviews for the service provider on the directory. Reviews exist to provide feedback on a provider's ability to deliver ongoing marketing or sales services. Event feedback left by event attendees is not helpful when someone is looking to hire a provider for a service.

Reviews from other partners

Reviews from other partners are only allowed if the partner calls out their affiliation and if there was work exchanged between partners that included a signed contract.

Reviews from HubSpot employees

Reviews provide feedback on a service provider's ability to deliver ongoing services. Reviews left by HubSpot employees are not helpful when someone wants to hire a business for a service.

Negative reviews

If a profile receives a negative review, please consult the Review Guidelines and Review Terms of Use. HubSpot will only remove a review if it violates these terms. If you think the client is misleading visitors of the directory with their review, please try to reconcile the situation directly with the client first. Please document that communication for future reference. 

If you would like to dispute a review, click Report under the review. The HubSpot team will look into the review and determine if it warrants removal. At this moment, we do not have an SLA for how long this process will take.