HubSpot Marketplace module requirements

Last updated: July 15, 2020

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Professional, Enterprise
CMS Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

When submitting modules to the HubSpot Marketplace, the following requirements must be met:

Learn more about the general submission requirements for the Marketplace.

Marketplace compliance  

  • At least one module screenshot must only include style contained within the module (zero-state image).
  • Providers may offer up to five free modules.
  • At this time, submissions to the Marketplace may not contain HubDB.

Design requirements  

  • Design must display high aesthetic quality and visual appeal. It should be attractive across all platforms and browsers supported by HubSpot.
  • Descriptive naming conventions must be used for field labels and modules.
  • Module fields must use descriptive module labels that describe their intended purpose. Help text is encouraged in complex modules and module fields.
  • Modules must include a module icon. Learn how to add an icon to a module.

Code quality  

  • Modules must be self-contained. All external files must use the Linked Files feature.
  • All module styles must be scoped to the module using classnames that are unique to the module to ensure that elements outside of the module are not unintentionally affected.
  • All module JavaScript should reference DOM elements by module-specific classnames to ensure that elements outside of the module are not unintentionally affected.
  • Assets must be loaded in an SSL-friendly way where possible.
  • Hardcoded inline styles are not allowed anywhere on modules meant for pages or blogs specifically. Dynamic inline styles are allowed where necessary.
  • Modules cannot contain any errors in the console.
  • All JavaScript must be able to represent multiple instances of a module. JavaScript will only load once per page, regardless of the number of module occurrences.

Process notes  

  • Marketplace submissions will be removed if bugs are present.
  • Marketplace submissions will be removed if the module affects other elements on a page or email.
  • Marketplace submissions will be removed if the module or its assets are not compatible with all major web browsers supported by HubSpot.
  • Marketplace submissions will be removed if third-party assets break.
  • Modules must not include third-party assets that are not licensed for distribution such as fonts, videos, images, or modules.
  • Providers are responsible for all code and files that are uploaded.
  • Modules must not track users without their informed, explicit opt-in consent.
  • Modules and their developers must not do anything illegal, dishonest, or morally offensive.

Best practices 

  • Including a link to documentation is encouraged for complex modules.
  • Dynamic style should be added inline to account for multiple occurrences of a module on a single page or blog post.