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Last updated: February 16, 2018

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Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise

The following steps walk through how to sync account information between Salesforce and HubSpot, which will create a new company record in HubSpot for every Salesforce account record (only accounts associated to a syncing contact will create companies in HubSpot). Accounts from Salesforce will be matched with HubSpot company records based on the syncing contacts that are associated with the account record and company record. 

With this sync enabled, you can cater your marketing efforts toward the larger business and have options such as creating lists in HubSpot based on company properties, not just individual contact properties. Before turning on account sync, first ensure that you’ve gone through the process of setting up the HubSpot Salesforce integration and importing leads/contacts from Salesforce into HubSpot.

The next steps walk through syncing accounts from Salesforce into HubSpot so HubSpot can begin seeing these associated accounts and account properties.

Please note: using the Import from Salesforce feature in HubSpot requires HubSpot to communicate with your Salesforce account via Salesforce's API, which will use a large amount of API calls. To learn more about API calls and your API call limit before proceeding, take a look here.

Navigate to Integrations

In your HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise account or in your Sales Professional account, click your photo or avatar in the top right-hand corner, then click Integrations

Salesforce settings

Under the Your integrations tab, locate Salesforce and then click Settings to the right of it.  

Navigate to 'Sync Settings'

Scroll to the Sync Settings section. Here, you will be able to decide which Salesforce and HubSpot objects will be set to sync. Check the box for Companies to enable account sync.

Set your account field mappings

Now that you’ve turned your account sync on, ensure that your Salesforce account fields are set up, mapped, and ready to go. Make sure you’re still in your Salesforce settings under Integrations or navigate back there by going to Account Menu > Integrations once again.

Scroll back to the Sync Settings section, and select Manage mappings in the Companies row of the CRM Objects table. From here, you can make the necessary adjustments to your Salesforce account field mappings. 

Import accounts

You’ve turned on your account sync and now all your company field mappings are in order. The next step is to import the account records you have in Salesforce.

Navigate in your HubSpot Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account to Contacts > Companies or in HubSpot Sales to Companies.

Choose Import

In the top right-hand corner, click Import.

This will bring you to your imports dashboard. Select Start an import at the top-right.

Choose 'Salesforce records'

On the next screen, you will be asked what you would like to import. Select Salesforce records.

Choose a group of records to import

At this step of importing contacts, decide what records you want to import into HubSpot from Salesforce. You have several options:

  • Everything
  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Leads & Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Tasks
  • A campaign

Choose to import AccountsThen click Review in the bottom right-hand corner.

A dialog box will display asking if you’re sure you’d like to import your accounts. This window will tell you how many object records you will be importing. It's important to consider your API call limit before moving forward. If you're unsure if you should proceed because of API calls, read this article before proceeding.

Once you're ready to move forward, click Begin import.

You’ll then be redirected to the import status screen, which will show your processing import. The import time will vary depending on the amount of records you are importing. Select Salesforce Imports to view a list of previous imports from Salesforce. 

View account information

Once the import is complete, you can navigate to Contacts > Companies in your HubSpot Marketing account or Companies in your HubSpot Sales account to see the imported company records.

Additionally, you can navigate to one of your contacts and see the associated account on their contact record. You can find this information by navigating in HubSpot Marketing to Contacts Contacts (or in HubSpot Sales to Contacts) and clicking on the name of any contact record.

You’ll be able to see all the associated company information by clicking on ViewView all properties in the company's About section on the left-hand side of the company record.

You'll then see all the company fields from Salesforce.

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