How to use global content across multiple templates

Last Updated: June 06, 2014

What are global modules?

Global content can be composed of either a group of content modules or a single content module that makes up a core elements of your website pages (such as global mastheads, global sidebars, or global footers). This is content that you want to create once and then replicate across various locations on your site. When edited, a global module will propagate those changes across every website page that uses the global content in its template layout.

What are some common uses for global modules?

  • Mastheads - A masthead usually consists of your logo, brand slogan, company contact information and other details. They are typically used across a variety of pages, so making them into a global module helps you update it as quickly as possible.  
  • Footers - A footer usually contains helpful navigation links for your site that are relevant across all of your pages. You can make it in a global module so you can quickly reuse it on pages.
  • Sidebars -Some sidebar content such as a call to action section might benefit from being placed in a global module so that you can swap out the offer easily across all pages.
  • Copyright or Privacy links - If you keep copyright or privacy links at the bottom of your pages, putting them in a global module makes this content very easy to maintain.

Where can I create and edit global modules?

You can access the global modules by editing them directly in a template layout in template builder.

Where can I create and edit global modules?

You can see a full list of your global modules by going to Content > Content Settings and selecting "Global Content" for the full list.  


When you are looking at the full list you have the option to Add a new global module or edit any of your existing global modules.


Creating global modules in the template builder

You can also make any module global by clicking on the gear icon next to a module and then clicking on the option to Make Module Global.

Creating global modules in the template builder

Can I make changes to a global module in only one template layout?

Yes. Use the Make a local copy option to disassociate a module from a global module and make changes that only appear in the layout you are editing. This feature is only available for individual Global Modules, not Global Groups.

Can I make changes to a global module in only one template layout?

Can I use global modules in my coded template files?

Yes. You must create them in the Global Module manager first, but then you can use them in your templates using the



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