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Last updated: June 4, 2018

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When you first log into HubSpot, you're presented with the marketing dashboard. This brings together many of your important marketing analytics. Here, you'll get a quick glance at how your website is performing. You'll find a breakdown of your marketing performance; landing page, blogging, and email statistics; contact performance; and your personas. Each report can be moved and/or resized to suit your preferences.

Filter timeframe

A small but important portion of the dashboard lives just below the dashboard title – Filter dashboard. This option is where you'll select the time period for which you'd like to see data.

You'll see a dropdown menu where you can choose the date range you'd like to see and choose if you'd like to compare it to the previous timeframe or the same timeframe in the previous year. When selecting a current time period (e.g. This month), you have the option to show the entire month or the month to present. 

Set a default dashboard

You can set a default dashboard so when you click on the sprocket icon sprocket in your main navigation, you are brought to the dashboard of your choice. 

To set a default dashboard, click Actions in the upper-right corner. Select Set default dashboard, then click Set default to confirm your choice. 

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Customizing the dashboard

Each report within the marketing dashboard can be resized and/or moved to fit your team's preferences. You can also rename, clone, or remove reports. 

To resize a report, hover over the bottom right-hand corner until you see the dotted arrow, then click and drag to extend the report or make it smaller. 

To rearrange your reports, hover over one until you see your cursor turn into a hand, then click to drag the report to the desired location on the dashboard. 

You can rename, edit, or remove a report by clicking Actions at the upper right of the report, then selecting from the dropdown menu options.

If you've set goals in the Marketing Performance report, you'll also see the option to Edit goals in the dropdown menu for this report. 

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