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Last updated: January 13, 2017

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
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There may be a time when you're unsure of why visits are being bucketed into a particular source, or why a contact isn't appearing under a particular source you expected. In this article, you'll find answers some common sources questions and a list of commonly asked questions regarding how analytics works.

Why aren't visits being recorded?

Your Dashboard and Reports Home are built off Sources information. Sources is where you'll go to answer many of your questions. Please keep in mind that, on average, Sources takes 1-3 hours to update information. Any views that are made within this timeframe after the most recent update will not be visible until the next time the report updates. Once the report udpates, you'll be able to see these views recorded in your analytics tools, including the analytics properties on your contacts' records.

You can see when Sources was last updated by navigating to Reports > Sources and checking the Data last updated indicator at the bottom of the page.

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Also note that if you are visiting your website from a filtered IP, your visit will not be recorded.

My customer is not showing up in Sources or the Dashboard for the month they converted.

HubSpot reports on marketing efforts, providing closed-loop reporting. This essentially means that the customer will be reported for the month of their initial conversion to a lead, not their time of conversion to a customer. This type of reporting shows you, the marketer, what marketing efforts took place which led to a customer. With an Enterprise subscription, you can also create a contacts report and view how long it has taken your customers to close (using the Days to Close property).

While you'll have to go back in your sources and dashboard history, you'll be able to tie back the initial conversion to a particular campaign or marketing effort.

Do my form submissions from filtered IPs show up anywhere?

Yes! You can view these filtered form submissions in your Sources data under Offline Sources. Navigate to Reports > Sources and select the Show offline sources checkbox next to the visits/contacts/customers picklist.

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You'll see another source of Offline Sources appear at the bottom of the legend. When you click Offline Sources, you'll see a handful of categories, such as API, Imported, and Form.

Those in Form contain filtered contacts. When a contact submits a form through a filtered IP, analytics updates and throws out the visits (not counting the submission towards your total). The contact has no visits and is therefore bucketed under Offline Sources. Analytics doesn't receive data for original source data 1 (first drill down) and original source data 2 (second drill down), but it knows the conversion id and recognizes it to be from a form, so it is bucketed under Offline Sources.

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Click the number of contacts to the right of Form to view a list of contacts that have submitted forms from filtered IPs. You can export this contact data, add these contacts to an existing static list, or create a new list out of them.

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