An overview of theme global groups

Last updated: June 14, 2016

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Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

Global groups are reusable sections of your templates such as your site's header and footer. Hubtheme has four global groups that are applied across its base and custom templates. These global groups consist of the following:

  • Header 
  • Header - No Navigation
  • Footer
  • Footer (Simple)

Some themes have additional global groups such as breadcrumb menus and a full width blog-subscription module.

HubSpot default themes are only available in new HubSpot accounts. If you would like to have a standard HubSpot theme installed in your existing account, follow these instructions to ensure that your account is compatible with these themes.

Header groups

Path to global groups

The standard header global group is used on all site page templates, systems page templates, thank you page pages template, and the blog template. The Header - No Navigation global group is used on all landing page templates. The naviagtion menus will default to your "Default" menu tree. To learn about changing your navigation menu tree, check out this article

The theme global groups is located in layout can be found in your Design Manager in the Theme Name Blog folder (Templates / Custom / Page / Theme Name).

Footer groups

Themes use both a regular and a simple footer group across various templates. The simple footer does not have a navigation, whereas the regular footer includes a menu and other features, such as a subscription form.

All footers include a HTML module that contains the themes required scripts.

Footer JS
Removing this HTML module will break various features of the theme. Do not remove the global footer or the footer's Javascript HTML module from theme templates. To learn more, check out this article.

Other global groups

Certain themes have additional global modules specific to that themes, such as Breadcrumb menus. 

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