Take action with your HubSpot and get results like this!

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Bring data from every touchpoint with your leads into one clean view that you and your sales team will love.



Easily capture lead data from your landing pages and form submissions, and automatically store them in your contacts database, complete with a backlog of their browsing history before they ever converted.

Make your marketing more personalized from landing pages to marketing automation. Email sends can be customized to reflect all the demographic and behavioral data you’ve collected about a lead in your contacts database. 



Search, edit, and favorite properties. Every piece of data you have about each contact appears on their record. Edit data, search for fields, and highlight fields you want to keep close at hand on the overview page.

Review each contact’s timeline. Contacts have a chronological timeline that shows every interaction with your brand, including pageviews, form submissions, emails, and more. Your sales team can use this view to better inform and personalize their interactions with leads.

Take actions with individual contacts. From the contact record, you can easily add individual contacts to a marketing automation workflow, add individuals to static lists, sync contact records to your CRM system, and more.


Segment your database on characteristics and behavior with targeted Smart Lists, and send only the most personalized marketing communications. Want a segment of every IT manager who has seen your pricing page? Done. Every lead in California who has clicked your live chat button? Done.

Smart Lists that update by themselves. When you create a Smart List in HubSpot, you can rest assured that it’s always up to date. As new contacts match your criteria, they are added to the list automatically.