Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wait until my website is live to use HubSpot?
No, you can start to use HubSpot prior to your website going live, or if you’re in the process of redesigning your website.
Do I need to make changes to my site to use HubSpot?
No, you do not need to make changes to your site to use HubSpot. You will need to install the HubSpot tracking code to gather analytics on your website traffic and visitors, but the code will have no effect to the design of your site and won't be visible to your website visitors.
Why don’t my HubSpot pages look like the pages on my website?
When you sign up for a paid HubSpot subscription, we will create a template that matches the design of your current website for free. During your trial your templates will have a more generic style and design.
What's the cost for HubSpot after trial?
The Basic package starts at $200/month. For a full breakdown of our pricing and packages visit the link below:
Can I redesign my website with HubSpot?
Yes, you can hire a certified partner to redesign your website on HubSpot. For a full list of available partners go here:
Can I create my own website with HubSpot?
Yes, you can create and launch a brand new website with HubSpot. You can either do this on your own or hire a certified partners to redesign your website on HubSpot. For a full list of available partners go here:
How do I choose which keywords are right for my business?
One of the best ways to brainstorm keywords is to develop a list of the top 20 questions your prospects and customers ask about your business and industry. Within those questions are keyword phrases your target market may be searching for online. Then use the HubSpot Keywords tool to do further research on these terms.
What is traffic rank?
Traffic rank is your site's rank as compared with the millions of other websites in the internet, including big sites like Google, Facebook, and HubSpot. What matters most is how your traffic compares against your competitors.
Why does HubSpot ask me to connect my personal Facebook account instead of my Facebook business page?
You need to log in to your personal Facebook account in order to access your business page. Once your business page is connected, it's easy to block HubSpot from interacting directly with your personal account under Social Settings.
Can I use HubSpot for multiple sites?
HubSpot is designed to work with one website or domain name per account.
Can I manage my contacts with HubSpot?
Yes, you can use HubSpot to store and manage your contacts database. You can create and manage up to 1,000 custom properties of data on your contacts and have these properties updated through form submissions, manually on the contact record, or through imports of data. Read more on this topic here:
What's the difference between HubSpot and other marketing software solutions?
HubSpot brings all of the tools you need to do inbound marketing into one simple, integrated platform. Most other marketing software are "point" solutions, meaning they help you with just one component of your inbound marketing. This means you have to manage and learn multiple pieces of software and manually integrate them.
Can I see my site's unique visitors with HubSpot?
No, we do not provide this information in HubSpot.
When I connect my social media accounts, will HubSpot tweet or post for me?
No, all social media messages are completely controlled by you.
How does Google work?
Google keeps most of the details as to how they rank sites a secret, but we can help you understand what works to help your website rank higher than you do today. Google wants to provide the best search results to their users and uses information such as how many inbound links you have pointing to your website and how often your website pages are shared in social media to determine how authoritative your website is and where you rank against competitors in the search engines results.
What's the difference between paid and organic search traffic?
Organic search traffic is free -- it happens just because your content is well designed and easily findable. Paid search traffic means you agree to pay every time a search engine user clicks on your listing on the search engine result page and visits your website.
How can I purchase HubSpot?
You can purchase HubSpot by speaking with your Trial Account Manager. They’ll work with you to ensure that you’re on the right package.
What’s the difference between Google Analytics and HubSpot?
Google Analytics simply provides data on your website traffic. HubSpot provides data on your website traffic AND tracks and creates a detailed profile for each unique visitor. When those visitors become leads and customers, we can learn things like how they first found your website, what pages they visited, how many visits they had, etc. for individual contacts and in aggregate across all of your leads and customers so you can analyze which of your marketing efforts are performing best.
Is running a trial going to affect my website?
No. Starting a trial and starting to use your HubSpot account will not do anything to your current website.
Do I need to migrate our site to use HubSpot?
No, you do not need to migrate your website to use HubSpot. Your main website can be hosted externally and tracked using the HubSpot tracking code.
What do I get in a trial?
You'll have access to the Professional package for 30 days. You can see everything that’s included in the Professional package below:
What's the cost to host my site with HubSpot?
To host your entire website with HubSpot it costs $50/user/month.