Follow the inbound marketing plan below to start increasing traffic, generating leads, engage your leads through email and analyze the results of your marketing efforts. 

Landing pages are used to demonstrate the value of your offer while providing a form for visitors to complete in order to request or access the offer. Visitors who convert on your landing page will become leads in your HubSpot Contacts database.

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Blog articles are used to attract more qualified visitors to your site, attract more inbound links which search engines use to determine where you rank, and most importantly establish you and your company as a thought leader in the industry while building trust.

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Step 3 - Send an Email

Sending relevant and targted emails can be used to keep your leads and customers engaged and wanting more. You can quickly develop the right list of contacts for your email while personalizing the content for each recipient. Any email sent to your contacts and their engagement with that email is recorded on their contact record. 

Go to your Email tool.

HubSpot's Analytics tool will let you know exactly which of your marketing efforts are producing visitors that cant convert into leads and customers. Measuring your results is critical to improving those results over time. Each tool in HubSpot has it's own analytics dashboard and the Sources tool pulls all of this data into one, easy to understand graph and chart. 

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