Trial Setup Steps


1. Install the HubSpot Tracking Code

Installing the HubSpot tracking code is a critial step which will allow you to:
  • Measure the volume and sources of traffic to your website
  • Gain valuable insights into how you can better optimize your site
  • Obtain valuable lead intelligence to better understand which content and strategies produce the best leads and customers

    Learn how to install the tracking code / Get your tracking code

2. Connect Social Media Accounts

Connecting your social media accounts to HubSpot will allow you to :
  • Track mentions of words and phrases that are important to your brand
  • Monitor the social conversations of your prospects and customers
  • Schedule and publish messages directly to your social media accounts
  • Add Follow Me icons to your HubSpot content
  • Track the growth of your social reach across channels over time

    Learn how to connect your accounts
     / Connect your accounts

3. Import Contacts

Importing your contacts into HubSpot will allow you to: 

4. Create Subdomain

Creating a subdomain and connecting to HubSpot will allow you to: 
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