How to use Workflows and Custom Lead Scoring to automate your lead qualification

Last updated: January 13, 2017

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Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
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HubSpot's Custom Lead Scoring allows you to scale your lead qualification processes and to better identify your most qualified leads. When a contacts surpasses a certain Hubspot score, you can trigger a worfklow to set off a series of actions.

Before setting up your scoring criteria, lists, and workflows, it’s best to first identify what actions taken by contacts should affect their lead score. You may even decide to set up automation that ties particular lead score to a Lifecycle Stage. Clearly identifying the scoring criteria before setting it up will make your automated Lifecycle Stage transitions a smoother experience.

Check out one of our blog posts about scoring your leads so sales works the hottest prospects. This will be a great starting point to identify what qualifies a lead to move further down the funnel if you don’t know where to start. In the following example, two workflows are set up that update Lifecycle Stage when a contact triggers a lead score threshold.

For this exercise, you’ll need the following:

  • Clearly defined scoring criteria (if this is changed at a later time, you could throw off the score for existing leads)
  • Lists of each score group (i.e. Marketing Qualified Leads = score of 10-30)
  • A workflow for each Lifecycle Stage transition, a minimum of 2 (Lead to MQL, MQL to SQL). You can add more if you wish workflows to automate transitioning SQL to Customer.

To learn more about using Custom Lead Scoring to automate your lead qualification, check out this article. You’ll want to follow that article to set up your lead scoring before proceeding.

Navigate to Workflows

From your HubSpot Marketing Dashboard, navigate to Contacts > Workflows.

Create new workflow

Click the button at the top to create a new workflow.

Name your workflow and select workflow type

In the pop-up, type the name of your workflow. In this example, select Standard as the workflow type, then choose Create workflow.

Set up your enrollment criteria

The enrollment criteria in this workflow will only enroll contacts who meet the following set of rules: their HubSpot Score is between 10 and 30, and their lifecycle stage is not equal to Customer.

Add an action

Now that you have your starting condition set up, you'll want to click the plus icon to add an action to your new workflow.

From here, you'll choose Set contact property value.

From the contact property dropdown menu, choose the property of Lifecycle Stage. From the enter new property value dropdown menu, choose Marketing Qualified Lead.

Make sure you click Save once you're done.

Apply workflow settings

In the workflow’s settings, you’ll find a variety of settings you can use to change how your workflow functions. Refer to the documentation on workflow settings to get more information about which settings to choose.

Once you’ve selected the settings you’d like to apply, save your workflow again by clicking Save settings at the bottom.

Activate workflow

At the top left, toggle the active status switch to ON. Because we have selected to enroll the list's existing contacts, you will see a prompt confirming that you'd like to enroll the contacts already on your smart list: select OK. Once activated, you should see the activate toggle turn green, and because we enrolled the list's existing contacts, you'll also see a success message in the bottom right that those contacts were successfully enrolled.

All non-customer contacts with a score of 10-30 will be updated to a Lifecycle Stage of Marketing Qualified Lead.

Repeat above steps for Sales Qualified Leads

Since the first set of enrollment criteria were to set up to enroll contacts in with HubSpot Scores between 10 and 30 and set their lifecycle stage to Marketing Qualified Lead, the Sales Qualified Lead workflow should look to pull in contacts with HubSpot Scores greater than 30.

Once the contacts are enrolled in the Sales Qualified Lead workflow, you can add an action to set their contact property of lifecycle stage equal to Sales Qualified Lead. (Remember to also add enrollment criteria to not enroll any contacts that are already customers.)

You can continue to build out your automation, based upon HubSpot Score, to meet the needs of your business. Once you have a better idea of your most qualified leads, you’ll want to continue engaging them and add contextual content to get them closer to closing as customers. You may want to check the health of your workflow to make sure that contacts successfully enrolled.

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