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Last updated: January 25, 2021

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Service Hub  Professional, Enterprise

The workflows tool automates your marketing, sales, and service processes. Internal processes that can be automated include notifying and assigning deals to your sales team based on various qualifying factors, as well as rotating leads. External processes that can be automated include email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing.

Explore some of the ways current HubSpot users work with workflows on the Community. HubSpot's Academy also offers video lessons and courses on the workflows tool, such as the Creating a Lead Nurturing Workflow lesson.

Please note: the types of workflows that you can create depends on your HubSpot subscription. Visit our products & services catalog to see what automation is available to you.

Building workflows

The following articles are helpful to have on hand while creating a workflow:

Contact-based workflows

Articles specific to contact-based workflows.

Company, deal, quote, ticket, and custom object-based workflows

Articles specific to company, deal, quote, and ticket-based workflows.

Managing workflows

Learn the basics of managing your workflows from your workflows dashboard. Start by navigating to Automation > Workflows.

  • To create a workflow, in the upper right click Create workflow. Learn more about creating workflows.
  • To delete a workflow, hover over the workflow, then click Delete. You can bulk delete workflows by selecting the checkboxes next to the workflows you want to delete, then clicking Delete in the header row.
  • To clone a workflow, hover over the workflow, then click Clone.  In the dialog box, click Submit. If the workflow is being used by other HubSpot assets, such as lists, the dialog box will display which assets are using the workflow. Click the asset name to navigate to the asset where you can update the workflow reference, if needed.
  • To restore a deleted workflow, in the upper right click Restore workflows. Learn more about restoring deleted workflows.
  • To organize your workflows into folders:
    • Create a folder by clicking Create folder.
    • Select the checkboxes next to the workflows that you want to put in the folder, then click Move to folder

    • In the dialog box, select your folder from the dropdown menu, then click Save.
    • To edit a folder, hover over the folder in the workflows dashboard. To rename the folder, click Rename. To delete a folder, click Delete.

Please note: deleting a folder also deletes the workflows inside of it. Folders cannot be bulk deleted.

  • To allow only specific teams to view and edit a workflow, hover over the workflow you want to restrict, then click More. Then select Assign to team. Any users not on the selected team will not be able to view or edit the workflow. 


Further reading

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