What are the features of the HubSpot Mobile Application?

Last updated: January 10, 2017

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing & Sales
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

The HubSpot Mobile app gives you access to some of your most important marketing and sales tools and data on the go. Once you have logged in you'll be able to access various reports in your Digest, view and update contacts and companies in Contacts, monitor your deals in Sales, analyze your email engagement in Marketing, and manage your Settings.

In the HubSpot mobile app, you will only be able to see the HubSpot tools you have access to based on your user roleIf you are in the app and aren't seeing all the tools you expect, you may need to have an administrator change your user role to have increased permissions.

Mobile Digest

When you first log in to the HubSpot mobile app, you will be able to select which widgets appear in your Digest. The Digest screen can be customized to show you information for the HubSpot CRM & Sales, Marketing, and Productivity.

If you ever want to add, remove, or reorder the widgets on your Digest screen, tap the Edit Widgets button at the bottom or the Edit button in the top-right corner. Here, you can click Add a widget to add a new widget to your Digest or tap and drag the horizontal bars to reorder your widgets.
 The available Digest widgets include:
  • Marketing Performance
  • Email
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Deal Updates
  • Leaderboard
  • Tasks
  • Activity Stream

Marketing Performance

You can choose to include the Marketing Performance widget on your mobile Digest. This widget will show you metrics for your website visits, contacts, and customers for the date range specified. You can click on Visits, Contacts, or Customers to change the visualization. 


Mobile email reports place the power of HubSpot's email analytics into the palm of your hand. Measure the success of your email send by analyzing the Delivered Rate, Open Rate, and Click Through Rate for your emails sent in the time frame selected.

Landing Pages

The HubSpot Mobile app allows you to analyze your HubSpot Landing Page performance on the go. Here, you can see Views, Submissions, Conversion %, and New Contacts for your Landing Pages. You can also click the dropdown to view your Top Landing pages.

Blog Posts

The HubSpot Mobile app allows you to analyze how your blog posts are performing. Here, you can see the number of blog posts published. You can also view your top blog posts for the date range selected by clicking the arrow icon next to 'Top Blog Posts.'

Deal Updates

You have the ability to check on any open deals in your Digest. Here, you can see which deals are in each stage as well as ask for an update from the deal owner. This allows you to comment, create an Activity, or a Task for the Deal. Swipe left or right to scroll through your deals.


View a Leaderboard that ranks your sales reps based on revenue closed, weighted deal total, emails sent, calls made, and meetings booked for today, the week, month, quarter, or year.


View your assigned Tasks in the Tasks widget. Here, you can sort by Tasks that are overdue, due today, or in the future. You can also create new Tasks by clicking the "+" button or edit or mark a task as complete by tapping the checkbox for that existing Task.

Activity Stream

With the Activity Stream widget, you are able to monitor recent activities for HubSpot Sales. Here, you can see and filter your Opened emails, Not opened emails, Clicked emails, and website Revisits. This allows you to stay on top of your leads right on your mobile device.



With HubSpot's mobile app, you always have access to the latest lead intelligence data on any of your contact and company records.  Mobile Contacts allows you to:

  • Add a new contact or company manually.
  • Make changes to any existing contact's or company's properties by clicking on the Properties tab.
  • Associate a contact with a company.
  • Call, email, or send a text message to your contact using the icons below their photo.
  • Add a note, activity, or task on a contact or company's record.

Filtering Contacts and Companies

HubSpot's mobile app gives you access to filter your contacts and companies based on your views in the HubSpot CRM. This way you always have a list of your most qualified leads in your pocket.  At this time, you cannot create views from within the app.  


In the Sales section of the HubSpot Mobile App, you are able to view the Deals in each Deal Stage. Swipe left and right to view the existing deals in each of your stages. You can also click the "+" icon in the upper-right to create a new deal. Click on a deal to view your deal's Timeline, Contacts, and Properties. On the Timeline, you can add a note, activity, or task.


In Marketing, you can dig deeper into your Marketing Email metrics right on your mobile device. The Analyze tab allows you to visualize your email Engagement, monitor your Deliverability, see your Contacts Lost, and measure your Opens and Clicks by device. 

The List tab allows you to view the Opened and Clicked rates for each individual email within your selected date range.


In Settings, you can manage your Preferences, Notifications, and Account details. Here, you can:

  • Provide feedback
  • Get Help from our Support team
  • Change the default Mail Client for emails you begin sending from the Mobile App
  • Adjust your nofication settings for Mentions and Sales Activity
  • Change your Account
  • Log Out