Why am I seeing an 'URL No Longer Exists' error when viewing Salesforce leads, contacts, and/or accounts records?

Last updated: November 28, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
Sales: Professional

You may see this error when attempting to view lead, contact, and/or account records in Salesforce.

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In nearly all cases, to resolve this, you'll need to add the HubSpot Integration permission set to your users:

  • The user does not have the HubSpot Integration Permissions set assigned to him or her. Ensure that all users who need to view the HubSpot Intelligence Visualforce Pages have the HubSpot Integration Permissions set assigned to his/her user. Navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets > HubSpot Integration Permissions > Manage Assignments.


If that does not solve the problem, also check the following:

  • The user's profile does not have read permissions to the HubSpot Custom objects.
    • In Salesforce, Go to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [that user's particular profile] > Custom object settings. Please ensure the user has access to all 'HubSpot_Inc' Visualforce pages. Depending on the layout of your Salesforce setup menu, this may also show up as a mouseover link at the top of the page. In that case, mouse over the links which say "Enabled Visualforce Page Access", and "Enabled Apex Class Access". Mouse over both of these, click Edit, and ensure all Apex Classes or Visualforce Pages starting with "HubSpot_Inc" are added to the profile.
  • Remove any deprecated package components by navigating, within Salesforce, to Setup > Built > Installed Packages. Click on the HubSpot package, review the Unused Components list and remove those items. So, how can you remove those items? 
    • Click on one, then click Delete. A lot of these are contingent on the others. It's easiest to remove the unused custom objects first - a lot of other things will be removed automatically when you do.
    • Salesforce can throw warnings which won't allow the delete. You may need to remove everything that touches the custom item before it can be removed. Got Salesforce workflows that point to that item? The workflow may need to be removed first. Items on a layout? A formula field? A validation rule? Same deal. The automation that touches these items you want to remove has to be removed first; otherwise, Salesforce may not let you do so.
    • This doesn't apply to HubSpot package elements; it applies to anything custom you created which touches HubSpot package elements.
  • Salesforce's Clickjack protection is enabled, and it must be disabled - Please review further details here.

After addressing the points just mentioned, the user should no longer see this error when attempting to review leads, contacts, and/or accounts records in Salesforce.