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HubSpot mobile app features

Last updated: January 11, 2021

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All products and plans

The HubSpot mobile app gives you access to some of your most important marketing (iOS only) and sales tools and data (iOS and Android) on the go.

Once you log in to the HubSpot app, you can view and update contacts and companies, monitor your deals and tasks, access your chat conversations, and manage your app settings. In the mobile app, you only have access to the tools specified in your user permissions. If you can't access a tool, ask an account administrator to edit your user permissions.

Please note: As of January 11, 2021, the Digest screen and the Marketing Email features in the HubSpot mobile app have been sunset. Learn more on the HubSpot Product Update Blog.


To access data on your contact and company records, tap Contacts in the bottom navigation menu. You can:

  • Add a new contact or company.
  • Make changes to any existing contact's or company's properties by tapping the About tab.
  • Associate a contact with a company or a deal by tapping the Associations tab.
  • Call, send a text message, or send an email to your contact using the icons below their photo.

Please note: if you make a call using the HubSpot mobile app, the call will only log to the record of the contact that you're calling. The call will not log to the contact's associated records.

  • In the Android app, you can read and add comments to certain activities once you access a record:
    • To comment on a note, call, email, or meeting, tap the activity and tap Add a comment at the bottom of the screen. In the comment, you can also mention a user by typing @ and searching their name.
    • To view the comments on a note, call, email, or meeting, tap the activity and tap View comments.



Filter contacts and companies

To access a list of your most qualified leads, filter contacts and companies based on your saved filters in the HubSpot CRM. At the top, tap All Contacts, or All Companies to filter the records.



To interact with your deals, tap Deals in the bottom navigation menu. Swipe left and right to view the existing deals in each of your stages. You can also tap the + icon in the top right to create a new deal, and tap a deal to view its timeline, contacts, and properties. On the deal timeline, you can add a note, activity, or task.



Quotes (Android only)

If you create quotes on the HubSpot web app, you can access these quotes from the deal record in the Android mobile app. Tap Deals in the bottom navigation menu, then tap a deal. Tap the Quotes tab, then view the quotes available for the deal. The quotes' status and expiration date will be listed below the name. Tap the quote to view more details, or tap the menu iconverticalMenu to copy a shareable quote link, download the quote, recall the quote, or delete the quote.



To interact with your tasks, tap Tasks in the bottom navigation menu. Learn how to use tasks in the mobile app.


To access your chat conversations and continue the conversation with your leads and contacts while on the move, tap More in the bottom navigation menu, then tap Conversations. Learn more about using conversations in the mobile app.




Manage your Preferences and Account settings, as well as provide feedback on the mobile app and get help from the HubSpot Support team. To access your settings in iOS, tap More in the navigation menu, then tap Settings. For Android users, tap Settings in the bottom navigation menu.




Activity feed

With the activity feed (iOS) and Activity menu item (Android) you can monitor your recent HubSpot Sales activity. To access this in the iOS app, tap More in the navigation menu, then tap Activity Feed.

Swipe right or left on the Activity screen, or tap the activity tabs at the top, to navigate between activity types:
  • All activities: view all recent activity.
  • Email opens: view all recent email opens. Learn more about why you may also see multiple opens for the same email.
  • Email clicks: view all recent email clicks.
  • Sent emails: view all recent sent emails.
  • Lead visits: view all recent lead revisit notifications.
  • Prospect visits: view all recent visits from your prospects.
  • Document views: view all recent views on your sales documents.
  • Meetings: view all recent meetings booked with a HubSpot meetings link.
  • Forms: view all recent form submissions from contacts that you own.

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