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Reset your two-factor authentication

Last updated: May 28, 2021

Applies to:

All products and plans

If you lose the device you use for two-factor authentication (2FA), or are unable to access your 2FA method, you can easily request help from an account administrator to reset your 2FA. Once your 2FA is reset, you can log in with only your username and password.

Users in a partner account can request a 2FA reset which will be routed to super admins in the partner account.

To request a 2FA reset:

  • On the HubSpot login screen, enter your login credentials.
  • On the login verification screen, click Lost your authentication device? 

  • On the next screen, click Get help from your account administrator

  • If the Get help from your account administrator button doesn't display, you can click Get help from HubSpot support to start the reset process.

Please note: if you're a user in more than one HubSpot account, or if you're the only super admin in your HubSpot account, you'll need to select the contact support option.

  • On the confirmation screen, send the reset email by clicking Send email.
  • The account super admins will receive an email with further instructions. You'll need to confirm with them that you're unable to log in and need to reset your 2FA.
  • You'll receive an email with a code that a super admin will use to reset your 2FA.
  • Once your 2FA has been reset, you can log in with just your email address and password.