Access your Hub ID and other HubSpot accounts

Last updated: July 2, 2018


Every HubSpot account has a unique Hub ID, which is used to help identify your account. It is also used when connecting certain outside integrations to your HubSpot account. To find your Hub ID, click your account name in the top right corner. Your Hub ID will appear in the menu under your account name. 


If you are a user with the same email address in multiple HubSpot accounts, you can also switch between your accounts from this menu. Hover over your account name and Hub ID to preview a list of your accounts. To see a list of all of your accounts, click All accounts


Here you'll see your HubSpot accounts, the domains and products associated with each, and a quick glance at the sessions and leads in each. Click the Compare sessions dropdown menu to show the change in sessions week over week, month over month, or the previous 30 days. To pin an account to the top of your account dashboard, hover over the account and click Pin. To access an account, click the name or hover over it and click Open.

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