What do you need to build your predictive lead score?

Last updated: September 26, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Enterprise

In order to successfully set up HubSpot's Predictive Lead Scoring, there are some guidelines we look for within your HubSpot account. Here are some things to check to determine if you're a good fit for predictive lead scoring:

  • You are a HubSpot Enterprise customer.
  • You have been storing both engaged and unengaged contacts in HubSpot.
  • You have been marking contacts as customers for at least three months.
  • You have at least 150 customers who existed in HubSpot for more than one day before becoming a customer (or further along in the funnel, i.e. Evangelist or Other) and who have submitted at least one form.
  • You have at least twice as many non-customer contacts (Subscriber, Lead, MQL, SQL, or Opportunity) as you do customers.

Please note: these are general guidelines and may differ between HubSpot accounts. If you do not meet the above criteria, the predictive lead scoring tool may not be able to create a custom model for you. However, you can still set up lead scoring based on a default model. In this case, click the blue Score my contacts using the default model button to move forward.