customer feedback

Create and conduct customer loyalty surveys

Last updated: January 28, 2019

Applies to:

Service Hub Professional, Enterprise

Customer loyalty surveys allow you to track how likely customers are to recommend your company to others.

To set up a customer loyalty survey:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Service > Customer Feedback.
  • In the Customer loyalty section, click Set up survey.

  • In the upper right, click Start.

Next, go through each step in the creation process:

1. Delivery

Choose whether to deliver your survey by Email or display it on a Web page. Click the Recipients tab to continue.


2. Recipients

Choose the recipients of the survey:

  • By default, the survey will be sent to contacts who became a customer more than 30 days ago. To change the default recipient criteria, click the Edit enrollment triggers to make changes.
  • In Triggers tab, customize the filters by clicking the AND or OR buttons. You can set filters based on any contact, company, deal, and ticket properties.
  • By default, the survey will not be conducted with contacts who already meet the selected criteria. To conduct this survey with existing contacts who meet the criteria, click the Options tab and click to toggle the Enroll existing contacts switch on.
  • In the right pane, the recipients of the survey will be shown. You can search through this list in the upper-right search field.
  • Once you're done with setting up the filters, in the bottom right, click Save.
  • To set up the frequency of the survey, click the Choose frequency tab. Select Recurring to send the survey regularly and click the dropdown menu to select the frequency of the survey, or select One off to survey your customers once.

To continue:

  • If you select Email, click the Customize tab.
  • If you select Web page, click the Display tab.

3. Display (Web page surveys only)

Select a location for your web page survey: Slide-in box left, Slide-in box right, or Dropdown banner.

In the right pane, preview how the survey will be displayed and click the Customize tab to continue.


4. Customize

Customize the branding and appearance of your survey:

  • For email surveys:
    • Select the From name and From address that your survey will be sent from. You can select the name and email address of any user in your account.
    • Click the Survey language dropdown menu and choose which language you want the survey to be in.
    • Enter your Company name, a Subject line for your survey email and customize the text that appears at the top of your survey using the Greeting field. In each field, click contacts Contact token to include a personalization token.
    • Click to toggle the Featured image switch on to upload an image for the email survey.
    • Select one of the default color options, or set a custom color by entering a hex value, or clicking the color picker to the right.

  • For web page surveys:
    • Enter your Company name.
    • Click the Survey language dropdown menu and choose which language you want the survey to be in.
    • Select one of the default color options, or set a custom color by entering a hex value, or clicking the color picker to the right.

In the right pane, preview the email or website survey, and click the Follow-up tab to continue.


5. Follow-up

Customize your follow-up questions to learn more about your customers' responses:

  • Click 0 - 6 Detractors to enter text for customers who gave a low score.
  • Click 7 - 8 Passive to enter text for customers who gave a neutral score.
  • Click 9 - 10 Promoters to enter text for customers who gave a high score.

In the right pane, preview the follow up question, and click the Thank you tab to move on to the next step.


6. Thank you

Customize the thank you message a customer will see after submitting the survey:

  1. Click to toggle the Show illustration switch on to show the default illustration with your thank you message. Click to toggle it off to hide the default illustration.
  2. Click 0-6 Detractors, 7 - 8 Passive, and 9-10 Promoters to customize different Header text and Body text for each category of survey responses.
  3. Enter a header for your thank you message in the Header text field for the selected category.
  4. Enter a thank you message in the Body text field for the selected category.

In the right pane, preview the thank you messages. To continue, click the Options tab.


7. Options

The Options tab includes different options depending on the survey delivery method:

  • If you are sending your survey via email, click the Choose who gets a notification when a survey response comes in dropdown menu, then select users and/or teams to receive submission notifications via email.

  • If you've chosen to display your survey on your website, you can customize the following options:
    • Choose the website pages your survey will appear on: All pages or Pages that exactly match these URLs. If you select the latter, enter the page URL in the text field that appears. Click Add another page to add more page URLs if needed.
    • Choose when your survey is triggered. Enter the number of seconds in the text field.
    • To display the survey on small screen sizes, select the Turn on survey on small screen sizes checkbox.
    • Click the Choose who gets a notification when a survey response comes in dropdown menu, then select users and/or teams to receive submission notifications via email.

Click the Automation tab to continue.


8. Automation

To set up follow-up actions based on survey responses, click Create workflow below the 0-6 Detractors, 7-8 Passives, and/or 9-10 Promoters sections. In the right pane, select actions to automate or click See more to see other actions. Learn about using workflows actions.

Please note: customer loyalty survey workflows will not appear in the workflows tool (Automation > Workflows) and can only be edited from this tab of the survey setup.

When you're done setting up automation for your survey, click the Summary tab to continue.


9. Summary

Review your survey settings. Click Edit to the right of a setting to make changes.

Click Preview to see how the survey will appear on desktop, tablet, and mobile. When you're done, in the upper right, click Publish to take your survey live.