How do I personalize the From name and address in an email?

Last updated: April 3, 2018

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If you would like to personalize the From name and From address of an email so the email appears as if it is coming from someone specifically identified in the recipient's contact record, you can use your contact properties as personalization tokens for those required fields.

For example, you may want to send an email to contacts as coming from the contact's consultant. You can create Consultant Name and Consultant Email as custom contact properties (Contacts > Contacts Settings). You will then be able to send the email from HubSpot using each of the respective properties as the From Name and From Address.

Follow the steps below to see how to send an email appearing as if the email is coming from a specific person as identified in the recipient's contact record.

1. Create custom properties to use as personalization tokens

  • If you have not already done so, create custom contact properties for a custom From Name and From Address (ie. Consultant Name, Consultant Email). Be sure the From Address property contains a properly formatted email address.
  • Once the custom properties are created, be sure your contacts contain values for those properties. If necessary, you may import values into those properties. For existing contacts, the .CSV spreadsheet you import can simply contain a column for Email (the email address of the contact record) and the two columns for the custom properties.

2. Select the custom properties as personalization tokens in your email draft

  • Navigate to Content > Email. Select your email draft or create a new draft
  • Locate the Email Details section at the top of the email editor, then click Edit Details


  • Here you will see the From name and email address section
  • If you are adding a token for the From name, click Add/Manage next to the From name field. If you are adding a token for From address, click Add/Manage next to the From address field.
  • Once you click Add/Manage, you will need to select the custom property and enter a default value. Click Personalize to select your property.
  • Search or browse for the property token and click on it to select it. Set a default value to be displayed if a value does not exist for a contact and click Save. Then click Insert
  • Add the custom property as an available token to select from the From address and From name dropdowns by clicking Add address or Add name, then click Done
  • This will select the custom properties as personalization tokens available in the From name and address dropdowns.
Alternatively, you can predefine/manage default values for your personalization tokens in your email content settings. To learn how to do so, check out this article.
Please note: when sending test emails using the Send a test email feature in HubSpot, the from address and name will still appear as "noreply" with a preview subject line. When you send your email, the correct personalization token will be used. If you'd like to test this, you can send the email to yourself, then clone it to send to your contacts. 

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