How to create an A/B variation test for Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Last Updated: September 10, 2014

Use A/B tests to establish the effectiveness of different designs and text in your CTAs. Read these guidelines on effective A/B tests before you get started.

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Read this article to learn how to create an A/B variation test for CTAs.

1. Go to Content > Calls-to-Action

From the Dashboard, go to Content > Calls-to-Action.

2.  Click "Create an A/B variation test"

Decide which CTA you want to create a variation test for. From the CTA dashboard, click on the gear icon and select Create a test variation.

2.  Click "Create an A/B variation test"

3. Edit your variation

In the CTA editor, make the changes that you would like to the variation. Remember to only change one variable between versions so that you can more easily determine which factor caused more visitors to respond. Try starting with editing the CTA text or button color. For a refresher on CTA best practices, read this guide. Once you are done editing, click the Create CTA variation button.

3. Edit your variation

You will now see your variation CTA and original CTA both under the Variation test group label on the dashboard.

Repeat Step 3 if you want to create unlimited additional variations for the same CTA. It's good to keep in mind, though, that an effective A/B variation test should only have a few variations. This will help you more easily determine which CTA will perform best.

4. Measure the results of your test

Make sure that you let your test run long enough in order to obtain a substantial sample amount of views. At least 100 views each usually makes for an accurate test, especially if you only changed one variable. You can view the results of your test in the Calls-to-Action detail screen. From the Calls-to-Action dashboard (accessed through Content > Calls-to-Action), click on the Details link, located above the gear icon.

4. Measure the results of your test

Now you can see the analytics for your A/B variation test on the Details screen. Click the + icon to see a breakdown of that variation's performance on specific pieces of COS content.

5. Take action based on your results

Now that you have determined which CTA variation performs the best, complete your test by disabling the variation that received the lowest Views > Clicks percentage. You can disable a variation in the CTA dashboard by clicking on the gear icon and selecting Disable variation.

5. Take action based on your results

To fully remove the variation, select Remove variation under the gear icon.

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