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Validity period of HubSpot certifications

Last updated: March 18, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

Each HubSpot certification has a unique validity period. You can take the course again before the certification expires. After taking the course and passing the exam, the certification will be valid again. 

Please note: HubSpot certification requirements and lengths evolve with the digital marketing world. Learn more about updates to certification time frames.

Certification Validity period
Inbound Marketing 25 months
HubSpot Marketing Software 13 months
HubSpot Contextual Marketing 13 months
Content Marketing 25 months
Email Marketing 25 months
Social Media 25 months
HubSpot Design 13 months
Growth-driven Design 25 months
Inbound 25 months
Inbound Sales 25 months
HubSpot Sales Software 13 months
Developing a Sales Plan 13 months
Sales Enablement 25 months
Selling Sales Services 13 months
Delivering Sales Services 13 months
Growth-Driven Design Agency 25 months
Agency Partner
(for HubSpot agency partners only)
25 months
Client Management 13 months
Delivering Client Success 13 months
Frictionless Sales 12 months


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