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Manage and edit your marketing emails using the HubSpot mobile app

Last updated: January 29, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

All products and plans

If you're on a mobile device, you can review your marketing emails, send a test email, or delete an email in the HubSpot mobile app.

Please note: to edit or publish an email, you can use the drag and drop editor in the desktop app.

Review your marketing emails

You can review sent, scheduled, or drafted emails in the mobile app. You can also delete specific emails, or send a test email. You cannot view your emails without an internet connection.

  • Open the HubSpot app on your mobile device.
  • Tap Menu, then tap Marketing email in the left sidebar.


  • At the top of the screen, tap the SentScheduled, or Draft tabs to filter by a specific email send status.
  • You can also filter your emails by typecampaign, or assigned user or team by tapping the associated dropdown menu.


Edit email settings

To edit the settings for a drafted email:

  • Tap the email.
  • In the top right, tap the verticalMenu menu icon, then select Edit email details.


  • Edit your email settings:
    • Enter the email's subject line, configure its subscription type, from name, and other sending information.
    • You can also tap Send time to send or schedule your email. You'll have a chance to review and confirm the details of your email before it's sent out. 
  • Under Recipients, configure the contacts or contact lists to send your email to, or tap Don't send to and select contacts or lists to exclude.
  • Tap Save.

Send or schedule an email

If you're ready to send your marketing email:

  • Tap Menu, then tap Marketing email in the left sidebar.
  • Tap the email.
  • Tap Review in the top right.
  • Review the details of your email and verify the correct recipients and sending information.
  • Tap Save to save your changes and continue editing your email. If you're done editing your email and you're ready to send it, tap Send, or tap Schedule if you configured your email to be sent at a future date.


Analyze and manage an email

To analyze a specific marketing email:

  • Tap the email.
  • Review the details of the email, including its send status, subject, and from address at the top of the screen. You can tap the preview to view a full screen version of the email.
  • Under the email preview, you can tap See details to find additional details such as the email's creation date, last updated date, and recipient information.


  • Scroll down to view email performance data, including open rate, click rate, and other key engagement metrics.
  • To send a test email:
    • In the top right, tap the verticalMenu menu icon, then select Send test email.
    • Configure the test email recipients, or tap Receive email as specific contact if you want to preview how certain personalized content might appear to a contact.
    • In the top right, tap Send.
  • To delete an email from your HubSpot account, including both the mobile and desktop app, tap the menu icon, then select Delete.


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