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HubSpot Solutions Directory | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: June 28, 2023

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Below you'll find the answers to frequently asked questions about setting up a directory profile and how to use your profile once it's set up.

Setting up your company profile Using the directory

How do I publish my profile?

You can create your profile for the Solutions Directory following these instructions

Is the directory listing free?

Yes. All inbound-certified companies can be listed in the Solutions Directory for free. 

Why do I have to be inbound-certified?

The certification is required to make sure your company is equipped to deliver quality Inbound services to your clients. The Inbound Certification teaches this methodology.

I published or changed my profile; why don't I see it live?

There is a nightly sync that needs to occur before new profiles appear or before changes are reflected in your existing profile. Wait 24 hours before looking for your new or updated profile.

Can I use two different URLs in my profile - one for the Contact Us CTA and one for the website URL?

Not right now. The same URL is used for both links. You can also use a custom link here, which takes visitors to a custom page on your site.

My company has two locations or multiple offices across the country/globe. Can I list my company in multiple locations?

Yes you can list up to five office locations or five remote locations.

How do reviews work?

Learn more about how to leave a review and review guidelines. A reviewer must be logged in to their HubSpot account to submit a review.

How do I manage notifications for reviews?

Users in a HubSpot account with a directory profile are opted-in to receiving notifications about new reviews or reviews that are removed automatically. An individual user can customize their notifications in the Notifications Center in the General section.

How do I reply to reviews?

Learn more about replying to reviews in your Solutions Directory profile.

How do I add a Solutions Directory review badge to my website 

A review badge is a pre-designed, hyperlinked image that can be added to your website to help drive traffic to your Solutions Directory profile. Learn more about adding a review badge to your website

Where are my case studies?

While you can use case studies in your HubSpot account, for now case studies won't be live on your profile page. 

How does rank work?

HubSpot partners earn tiers based on the level of success they've achieved for their clients using inbound marketing or sales, plus HubSpot's software — ranked from elite level (highest honor) to gold level. Partners that have not earned a tier (and companies that are not HubSpot partners) are listed after tiered partners.

Is the directory localized for non-English speakers?

Yes. The directory is currently available in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese

Still having trouble creating your profile?

If you are still having trouble creating your profile, contact support


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