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Troubleshoot content issues

Last updated: May 21, 2024

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The following are some common issues might encounter in the content editor or with live content and the typical steps for resolution. 

Content editor won't save changes

In the content editor, you may see a dialog box alerting you that your recent changes haven't been saved. This occurs when the same piece of content is open in multiple tabs or windows, either on the same device or multiple devices. 


To resolve this alert: 

  • In the dialog box, click Go back to editor to return to the content editor. 
  • Copy any content that you've updated since the last save. 
  • Close any duplicate tabs or windows so the problem doesn't persist. If no duplicates exist, check the revision history to see if another user has been editing the content. 
  • Reload the editor. This will load the most recently saved version of the page. 
  • Paste the new content you copied. 
  • Click Save

If this error persists, clear your cookies and cache or try using a different browser. 

Published content is displaying a 404 error

When no live page exists at the URL entered in the browser's address bar, the browser displays a 404 error that the page cannot be found. If you encounter this error for a HubSpot-hosted page, verify the following: 

  • The content has been published in HubSpot
  • The URL entered in the browser is an exact match to the page's URL
  • The error still appears when all URL parameters are removed from the URL. 
  • There are no broken URL redirects that use this URL as the Original URL. 
  • The error isn't caused by a network issue
  • There are no issues with your DNS provider. 

If you are still having issues accessing published content, contact HubSpot Support

Content won't load on a specific network 

If a HubSpot-hosted website won't load, try accessing the site on a mobile device with Wi-Fi turned off. If the website loads successfully on the mobile device, the issue is likely based in the network used to access it. In this case, visitors not using that network should be able to access the website without issue. 

Network issues loading a specific website are often caused by an error in the network's internal DNS structure relating to that website's DNS records. It's recommended to partner with your IT team to verify that the website's CNAME records in the internal DNS configuration match those in HubSpot

Content hosted on SSL displays mixed-content warnings

If your HubSpot-hosted website is set up with SSL (HTTPS), assets that load over HTTP will be blocked from loading. This issue will only occur with external resources, as HubSpot-hosted resources are designed to load regardless of protocol. 

The most common sources of mixed-content warnings are: the src attribute of images, @font-face declarations for external fonts, and @import declarations of external stylesheets. 

To resolve mixed content warnings for external resources, you can either:

  • Use the HTTPS version of the asset's URL.
  • Upload the asset to the files tool, then reference the file's URL instead. 

Learn more about how stylesheets are attached to content in HubSpot

Template updates aren't reflected in existing content

Changes to locked modules and global modules will be applied to existing content, while all other changes will not.

To lock content in the design manager: 

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Content > Design Manager.
  • In the left column, open your template. 
  • In the layout editor, right-click the module, then select Prevent editing in content editors.
  • In the top right, click Publish changes

If changes to locked or global content aren't appearing in live content, you can trigger rendering by making a small change like adding a space, then publishing your changes.

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