Contact, company, deal, ticket, or quote not enrolled in workflow

Last updated: October 13, 2020

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Professional, Enterprise
Sales Hub  Professional

If a contact, company, deal, ticket, or quote was unexpectedly not enrolled in a workflow, it could be due to several reasons:

Please note: if an object was unexpectedly enrolled in a workflow, refer to this article: Contact, company, deal, ticket, or quote unexpectedly enrolled in workflow.


Workflow is not turned on

Objects can only be enrolled in a workflow that is turned on. A workflow that is turned on will have a Workflow is ON switch toggled on in the top right. If not, click Review, then click Turn on.


Object doesn't meet the workflow's enrollment triggers

If the workflow has automatic enrollment triggers, ensure that the object meets them. Take note of any AND and/or OR logic in the enrollment triggers.

For contact-based workflows, you can test a contact against the workflow's enrollment trigger(s) to see if they meet them.


Object met the workflow's enrollment trigger(s) when the workflow was turned on, but existing contacts were not set to be enrolled

By default, workflows are not set to enroll existing objects which meet the enrollment trigger(s) at the time the workflow is turned on, only objects that meet the enrollment trigger(s) moving forward. Learn how to enroll existing objects that meet enrollment triggers in a workflow.


Object instantly qualifies for workflow unenrollment

Contact-based workflow

If a contact meets the workflow's goal(s) or is on the workflow's suppression list at the time of enrollment in the workflow, they will be automatically unenrolled.

Company-based, deal-based, ticket-based, or quote-based workflow

If the object meets the workflow's unenrollment trigger(s) at the time of enrollment in the workflow, they will be automatically unenrolled.


Object was previously enrolled in the workflow, and re-enrollment is not enabled

By default, objects are only enrolled in workflows the first time they meet the workflow enrollment triggers or are enrolled manually. If an object was previously enrolled in a workflow and re-enrollment is not enabled, it will not be enrolled in the workflow if it meets the workflow's original enrollment trigger(s) again. Learn how to add re-enrollment triggers to a workflow to allow re-enrollment.