Can I send only the plain text version of my email?

Last updated: January 20, 2016

At this time, HubSpot will always attempt to send the HTML version of your emails.

The version of the email that the contact will see in their inbox depends on the recipient's email server settings so we recommend optimizing your emails for both HTML and plain text.

Why bother to optimize both the HTML and plain text versions?

  • Some email clients and applications can’t handle HTML emails. While it’s not as common as it used to be, some email clients do not support or display HTML properly, in which case, the plain text email will be shown instead.
  • A recipient can, by preference, configure their own email client settings to only receive plain-text emails

Available in all HubSpot portals, we offer a simple-looking email template called Email

  • You can find this template by navigating to Content > Email > Create a new email > HubSpot Templates > Example Templates


  • Locate the template called Email > Click on the template thumbnail > Click Get this Template
  • Now this template will be available to select to use with your emails

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