Can I style the main body content of my RSS email?

Last updated: June 2, 2016

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Yes, you can customize the main body content of your RSS email.

Follow the instructions below to learn how:

  • From your HubSpot Marketing Dashboard, navigate to Content > Email.
  • You can locate an existing RSS draft email to edit or create a new email.
    • If creating a new email, make sure you check the box next to Create as an RSS email.
  • Once in your RSS email, navigate to the left side menu and choose Edit modules.
  • Within the Edit modules menu, choose Main Email Body.
  • From here, the Item layout/style section is where you will be able to customize the look of your RSS email layout. You'll see auto-populated RSS tokens here that you can move around, adjust font size, etc.
  • Click Advanced feed options to edit your author line text, as well as your image max width options.
  • When you're done setting up your RSS email, click Publish. (For full instructions on setting up an RSS email and all its components, click here.)
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