Why do I get an error when using a free email address as my From address?

Last updated: October 11, 2017

Applies to:

Marketing Hub
Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

Yahoo, AOL, and other free email providers have changed their DMARC authentication policies (learn more about DMARC), which affects the delivery of emails sent through all email service providers, including HubSpot. Instead, we recommend you use a domain you own. For example, we send our emails from

  • When creating an email in HubSpot, you must select a From address, the email address that HubSpot will send the email on behalf of. If you choose to use an email address from a free provider like, you'll see the following error message, preventing you from selecting that From address:
Error selecting free email provider as from address
Error selecting free email provider as from address
  • HubSpot prevents you from using that email from the free provider as your From address because, if it allowed it, there is a good chance that your emails will bounce as a result of these new policies.
  • As mentioned above, we recommend you use a domain that you own as your From address instead.