Why do I see so many URLs for the same page in Google Analytics for visits from HubSpot emails?

Last updated: November 16, 2016

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Every link in an email sent from HubSpot contains identity tracking parameters so that we attribute visits from links clicked in emails to the correct Contacts. These parameters, _hsenc and _hsmi are unique to HubSpot and are not recognized by Google Analytics. As a result, in your Google Analytics report you may see that each URL clicked from an email is considered a unique, separate page due to these unrecognized tracking parameters.

GA landing page visits
GA landing page visits

Filtering traffic in Google Analytics

To filter these query strings out of your report so that all visits to landing pages that contain those tracking parameters are bucketed together:

In Google Analytics, click on Admin > View > View Settings.

GA admin settings
GA admin settings

Within View Settings add the following parameters in the section Exclude URL Query Parameters: _hsenc,_hsmi

GA exclude query strings

Note: HubSpot also adds additional parameters to links clicked from HubSpot CTAs. To exclude these parameters, also add the following: __hssc,__hstc,hsCtaTracking

Save your changes.

Moving forward, Google Analytics will group together all of your visits to your pages from HubSpot emails under a single page URL. Data will not be filtered retroactively.

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