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Multiple URLs for the same HubSpot page in Google Analytics

Last updated: January 29, 2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

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Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

Every link in an email sent from HubSpot contains identity tracking parameters so visits from links clicked in emails are attributed to the correct contacts.

These parameters, _hsenc and _hsmi, are unique to HubSpot and are not recognized by Google Analytics. In your Google Analytics report, you may see that each URL clicked from an email is considered a unique, separate page due to these unrecognized tracking parameters.

GA landing page visits

Filter traffic in Google Analytics

You can filter these query strings out of your report so that all visits to landing pages that contain those tracking parameters are bucketed together:

  • Navigate to your Google Analytics account.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Admin.
  • Click View Settings.
  • In the Exclude URL Query Parameters section, add the following:
    • _hsenc
    • _hsmi
  • HubSpot adds additional parameters to HubSpot CTA links. To exclude these parameters, include the following:
    • __hssc
    • __hstc
    • hsCtaTracking
  • HubSpot also adds additional parameters to HubSpot Ads. To exclude these parameters, learn more about the parameters that are added to each ad, then include these additional parameters as needed. 

Please note: values must be comma-separated when entered in the Exclude URL Query Parameters section, not entered as separate line items.

  • Click Done to save your changes. Moving forward, Google Analytics will group all of your visits to your pages from HubSpot emails together under a single page URL.

Please note: after applying these filters, your data won't be filtered retroactively.

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