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What languages is content strategy available in?

Last updated: September 21, 2017

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Different parts of the content strategy tool are available in various languages. Below is a breakdown of each part and which languages they're available in: the content strategy tool overall, core and subtopics, topic validation data, and subtopic suggestions.  

The content strategy tool overall 

The overall content strategy tool, including areas such as labels, instructions, and help text, is available in all languages the HubSpot software supports: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, and Japanese. See this article for the most up-to-date listings and instructions on how to change your personal or portal default language settings. 

Core and subtopics 

Core and subtopics are available in any language. If your content is in a language not currently available for HubSpot, you can still use the tool to organize your content and see how it performs by entering in your own core and subtopics. 

Topic validation data 

The language of the domain authority and monthly search volume is based on the locale selected for each topic cluster. This can be changed from the content strategy dashboard by clicking the Actions dropdown menu for a specific cluster > Change locale.

You can see locales available for monthly search volume and subtopic suggestions from SEMrush databases here.  

Subtopic suggestions 

Currently, the core machine learning models for subtopic suggestions are based in English. Some other subtopic suggestions are provided according to the locales available from our data partner found here

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