How do I access a page's footer for editing

Last updated: January 20, 2017

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If you would like to access your page's footer, you will need to access the page's template as it contains the module(s) that compose the footer.

If you are logged into your HubSpot account and are looking at the live version of the page in question:

  • Click on the HubSpot Sprocket Icon located on the top right > select Edit Layout to access the template.
  • Once you are in the template, you can click on the Gear Icon within the footer module to see its editing options.
User-added image
User-added image

If you are in the page editor:

  • Click Settings at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down and click Edit template.
Edit template
  • If you see that your footer is in green, this means that the footer is a Global Group. In other words, the footer is composed of a group of modules and the same group may be used on other templates. This is not uncommon at all because footers on web pages can include images, rich text modules, and other info besides a simple address. To better access and edit a Global Group used as a footer, click on the Open in Design Manager link in the upper right-hand corner.
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User-added image
  • Once you're in the template, scroll down to the footer, and within the Global Group click on the Gear Icon and select Edit Group.
  • If prompted, click Edit Global Group.
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