How can I create a global email footer?

Last updated: August 30, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

If you need to customize your email footer, but want that customization to appear across all emails, you can use a global rich text module in place of the default Office Location Information module. While it is not possible to create a global module from within an email template, you can create a global rich text module in a page template and include the necessary CAN-SPAM tokens, then add the module into your email templates.

  • Navigate to Content Content Settings.
  • Select Global Content from the left sidebar menu. 
  • Click Add new global module
  • Choose Rich Text and click Select.
  • In the Label field, give your new email footer module a name so that you can easily find it to add to your email templates later. 
  • Add the CAN-SPAM required information to the text box. You can either copy and paste the source code from the Office Location Information module in one of your existing email templates, then customize the content around the tokens, or add the tokens manually: 
    • To include your office location information, place your cursor where you'd like to add your office location information, then click Insert Personalization tokens. In the Category dropdown at the top of the dialog box, choose Office Location, then select a token and click Insert. Repeat this for each of the required office location tokens.
    • To include your unsubscribe link(s) in the rich text module, click InsertLink. In the Link text to be displayed field, edit the text you'd like recipients to see, such as "edit your subscription preferences." In the Link URL field, enter  to allow contacts to choose which email types they unsubscribe from or  to allow recipients to unsubscribe from all email automatically. When you've entered your information, click Add Link

  • Customize the content of your footer, making sure to leave the required CAN-SPAM information.
  • Click Publish.

  • This module will now be available to add to your email templates. From within the template editor for your email template, click the gear icon on the Office Location Information module and choose Swap module, then choose your new customized email footer module. 
  • Click Publish changes