What do the different Partner Lists mean?

Last updated: June 6, 2016

Available For:

Product: Partner Account
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise
HubSpot has created five lists in your portal which allow you to review your registered Contacts cumulatively. Use these lists for more insight into the overall status of your HubSpot Leads.

HubSpot Partner – Registered:

These contacts that have been processed against HubSpot’s sales database and are owned by your agency until the expiration date listed.

HubSpot Partner – Unavailable:

These contacts are unable to be registered under your name as they are being pursued by HubSpot or have already been registered by HubSpot or another Partner.

HubSpot Partner – Pending Registration:

These are contacts that you have requested to register but have not yet been processed by our system.

HubSpot Partner – Invalid Data:

These are contacts that cannot be registered because they lack all the required contact information for registration:

  • First Name not populated
  • Last Name not populated
  • Website not populated or doesn’t meet HubSpot’s domain formatting criteria
  • Email not populated
  • Company not populated
  • No conversion events (unless manual registration was requested)
  • HubSpot is not pursuing business with a given domain

HubSpot Partner – Expired:

These are contacts who are not able to be registered as they have expired.

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